Crossover Counselling Essex

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In addition to individual and couple counselling, I offer relationship counselling for members of families who have a loved one that is living with dementia. For example, siblings of a parent or a spouse and daughter/son of someone living with dementia.

By having the opportunity to offload and express feelings of being in a carer role and coming to terms with the loss of the person they once knew, could help families work more closely together and give them the opportunity to offload.

I also offer Online therapy via Skype or FaceTime, so I am able to offer individual counselling at more flexible times and days.

In addition, I offer Walk and Talk therapy along Southend Seafront - sea air can do wonders for relieving stress and tension, which I feel can only add to the therapeutic process.

Please contact me via mobile or email and I will respond as soon as possible.  We can arrange a mutually convenient time and day to meet for an initial assessment.  From there we can arrange future appointments at the end of each 50 minutes session.