Crossover Counselling Essex

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"I have been having counselling for a while now and feel really comfortable with Cara.  She is calm and listens without judgement.  It has helped me a lot with my grief and depression.  I can freely get all my emotions off of my chest", Client A

"I was in a dark tunnel when I first met with Cara.  She's very easy to open up to and after several sessions she gave me some great coping mechanisms.  At the end of each session we would always discuss what we'd talked about, which was good.  I would fully recommend her as someone you can really open up to.  I'd definitely go back", Client B

"I have recently completed successful counselling, lasting a number of months, covering a wide aspect of my life.  Cara is a very well trained professional who managed my circumstances well, offered the needed support when appropriate.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her", Client C
"Cara has really helped me understand and uncover my feelings about my situation and relationships, as well as helped me feel much better about myself.  Her insight and intuition in reflecting my inner thoughts that she heard while I talked, was extremely helpful.  Her kind and gentle nature and being so easy to talk to made my sessions something to look forward to", Client D
N.B Clients are aware their feedback appears anonymously on this website.